// Individual Poems //

My editorial service on individual poems includes proofreading content, reviewing rhythm/meter/structure, line break and word choice suggestions, as well as a description on how the poem works and doesn’t work as a whole. My individual poem editing is not for the faint of heart.

// Chapbooks //

Editing your chapbooks is less about the poems individually than as a work as a whole. However, because chapbooks are shorter [< 30 pages], I do include minor suggestions as listed above for individual poems for changes that would improve the overall work. My editing includes minor revisions, reordering/theme suggestions, and a description of how the work as a whole works and doesn’t work.

// Full-Length Collections //

Full-length collection review only includes very minor proofreading and review of individual poems, only ones that change the overall work. What I do include is extensive structuring and sectioning, as well as what poems to exclude and a description of what works and what doesn’t. Also, if your title does not reflect your work, I will offer title suggestions.

// Pricing //

Because my editing is so extensive, I cannot do a good job and work for free. It is immoral to expect someone willing to work hard to do it for free.

My pricing is as follows:

Individual poems are priced at $50 a poem.

Chapbooks [< 30 pages] are priced at $250 a collection.

Full-length works [> 30 pages] are priced at $500 a collection.

For more information, please feel free to email me at kaelamcneil [@] gmail [dot] com.

Prices are non-negotiable.

Note: if you are more interested in a full critique of any poetry work instead of editing, and want said critique to be marketed on my website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, please see [here]