What I Learned from Quitting


  1. Know that you deserve to be treated with respect for your hard work and as a person, and don’t accept any less than a positive experience for and with the people in your company.
  2. Your work environment is just as important as the position itself.
  3. Consistent hours are needed to maintain any routine outside of work.
  4. Don’t settle for less pay because you are desperate. Know your worth and ask for it.
  5. Working for free as volunteer work will benefit your career, but don’t let companies take advantage of your services. Only do free work if it is in your own benefit, not theirs.
  6. Don’t accept salary if you will be working a lot of overtime.
  7. Don’t take anything seriously if it won’t benefit your career or goals. That doesn’t mean slack off, it just means to ease up on your worries over things that don’t matter.