Born and raised on a horse farm in north Georgia, I grew up loving all things art, whether it was poetry or paintings. I often spent most of my time climbing hay bales, sitting out by the creek in our backyard, or exploring the tiny orchard full of crab apples and peaches. Intermittently, we lived in Japan and traveled across the globe.

Though I had difficulty reading as a child, I grew to love writing. At age twelve I wrote my first novel and began writing poetry and short stories. Now, after completing my master’s in poetry, I’ve fallen in love with hybrid genres such as the prose poem and different forms of Japanese hybrid poetry.

I also enjoy drawing and hope to advance my illustration skills so that I can write and illustrate my own children’s books.

Explaining to you my trauma is honestly not beneficial other than what it comes from — an earthquake that killed 6,000 people, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. However, please understand how important it is to identify yourself beyond your trauma. It’s what I’m trying to accomplish now.

Sometimes suffering from PTSD makes me forget who I am, often feeling like I’m under constant attack — from the weather, from people, from myself. It has ruled my life up until 2018 when I began the process of healing, truly healing, so that I can live a full and happy life.