Recovering From the Dreaded Shadowban

Instagram update: as Instagram get’s more and more restrictive of how much and what people can post on Instagram, it’s become difficult for independent artists such as myself to generate and post content at a rate that is compliant with Instagram’s non-spammy standards. In essence, they think I’m not a real person. Which, I promise, I am. I’m 28 years old. I’m female. I have skin and bones and organs and fat.
In attempting to solve the “shadowban” issue with my own account which has been restricting my account for a little over a week — because really, at the end of the day, all I really want to do is share my poems and my drawings with you — I found no other way to resolve the issue on my own. So, I deleted my Instagram account.
I’m not sure if it was using the license-free photos (was I supposed to tag the website that explicitly says that I do not have to tag them?), the Amazon logo for my book that was published on Amazon, or just simply using the same hashtags with each post that put me in this position (I may have used #witchyvibes one too many times, though). 
Whatever the reason, weeks of generating content that I believe many of you, and others, enjoyed are no longer anywhere except maybe a google search or on the files of my computer. My poems are on my Facebook “business” page, but only as of yesterday after mass-posting them all after feeling frustrated with Instagram’s algorithm.
I want to be as transparent as possible about what my Instagram was for, what my goals are, what I think my next steps are. I have no intention to hide anything from you except ideas that aren’t fully developed yet. I love my followers, my family, my friends. Genuine love. When you guys like or respond to my work, or you use one of my prompts, that fills me with more joy than you can imagine. I love to see that what I’m doing is worth it.
For Instagram, my goal was to create a mood board which reflected what I thought were ideas or values expressed in my poetry: contrasts between light and darkness, healing, nature. As many of you know, it was first pink. The more and more I got my book Princess Skinless ready for publication, the more I realized how much the “pink contrasted with grime” aesthetic wasn’t really the tone that was expressed through my book. It was more about beauty and darkness, mental clarity, and wellness. So, I changed my “theme.” And that change is probably what alerted me to Instagram in the first place. But I wasn’t trying to gain a lot of likes or have 10 thousand followers in a day. I was just trying to repost the content that was already there and organize information better for my viewers. And for that, I got banned from showing up in any searches, and I was banned from following any hashtags.
My ultimate goal is to make a living as an artist. I strongly believe in my writing and artwork. I don’t think anyone’s shadowban or bad review or comment or lack-of-liking my post could make me feel inadequate about who I am as a creator. I am good at what I do. I’ve never been modest about it, and I don’t plan to start today.
There have been people trying to stop me my entire life. From professors who have flat out told me that going to “indie” way was irresponsible, and even as far as a “career ruiner,” to friends making snide remarks about my work to ex boyfriends telling me I should focus on being an English teacher or something else because my writing “just isn’t good enough.”
My next steps?
My content generation and ideas are still in their beginning stages, and I will update you as soon as I can. I can tell you that it is going to be something really spectacular, and I’m already so proud of my new little babies. For now, I will stick to posting my poems and prompts on my Facebook page. I hope to update you all soon.
Please let me know what content you’ve liked best. I love sharing my work, but I also enjoy making you guys happy too, because really who is a poet without her readers?
Thank you all so much for standing by me, helping me flourish, and everything else.

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